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Reporting election results

Guest sara

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Our Nom Cmt rep announces the results of our organization's election - done by mail-in ballots.  Is it necessary to:  state # of ballots received, # of valid vs invalid, and to "certify" the election results, or does "certifying" require a membership present vote?

Our organization has been rather lax, and I want to make sure the procedure of "reporting" is complete.  No one has ever questioned the election results, or asked "how many ballots rec'd"

In the past, the results have been announced, and the Nom Cmt rep declares the Board members and officers "duly elected".  Is that sufficient?  Not wishing to "rock the boat".

Thank you for your guidance.

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The nominating committee's job is normally over when its report of nominees has been presented to the membership.  The job of counting votes and reporting the results to the chair is normally done by a tellers' committee, but if your rules say otherwise, that's okay.

But the tellers' committee reports the results of the count, i.e., number of ballots, number of votes for each candidate, number (majority) required to elect, number of invalid ballots, if any.  It does not say who won.  It reads its report at a meeting, and hands it to the chair, who reads it again and who then declares the winner.  

There does not need to be a vote to certify the winner, unless there is some objection or point of order regarding the election which needs to be decided by the assembly.  Ordinarily, when the result is announced by the chair, that's the end of it.

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31 minutes ago, Guest sara said:

and to "certify" the election results, or does "certifying" require a membership present vote?

This is one of those myths of parliamentary procedure I find puzzling (like accepting the treasurer's report). I wonder how the idea developed that reports had to be approved by people with absolutely no knowledge of the relevant facts, rather than believing those who did the counting (unlike an audited report, where it makes sense for the assembly to act).

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