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Every time the body of our organization makes a change to the by-law does a new signature sheet need to be signed if any of the officers have changed since the last signing?

We have a page in the front of the By-laws with the Trustees, President and Secretary signatures.

There is a change in these positions every year.


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Agreeing with the previous responses, it seems to me that if it is a custom (or even a rule) that bylaw amendments must be "signed off on" by the trustees, president and secretary, it is those persons who are in office at the time of the amendment or revision who must sign off on it.  I see no need whatsoever for any subsequent officers to have to do so unless the bylaws are amended again during their terms of office.

I would add that I question whether this "signature sheet" is actually required by a rule anywhere.  I suspect it is merely a practice that has become a custom. RONR certainly does not require or even suggest any such practice.  As Atul Kapur pointed out, the minutes of the meeting at which the amendments or new bylaws were adopted are all that should be necessary.

Note:  It is rather common for amended or revised bylaws to include the date of the last amendment/revision.  That helps members to know whether they have the most recent version.

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