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Then I suppose your organization will have to figure out what it means, because, as noted, RONR doesn't use the term "revote." Personally, I have no idea what it's supposed to mean, and the only things I can think of would be undemocratic and bad ideas (which doesn't mean they aren't what your organization wants, of course, and your organization is free to do what it wants in its bylaws, but it also needs to understand those bylaws). 

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30 minutes ago, Guest DeniseVB said:

Our by-laws state under the section titled “majority action as membership action”

Revoting of any majority action of the membership must be approved by 2/3 vote of executive council


I agree with Mr. Katz.  It does seem to me, though, that the term is perhaps being used in the sense of  the vote required for the Executive Council to overturn a vote of the membership.  In RONR, it would not be possible for such a board to overturn the vote of the membership, but the membership could overturn actions of the board.

The term could also be used in the sense of a"Motion to Reconsider" or a "Motion to rescind or amend something previously adopted".  The two thirds vote requirement is the requirement in RONR to rescind something previously adopted without previous notice.  However, RONR permits something to be rescinded or amended with a majority vote if previous notice is given.

I'm speculating.  We really don't know what is meant by that term and it is up to your organization to figure out what it means.  It does not come from RONR.

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