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Dispense reading when considering seriatum


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My organization will be adopting revised bylaws at our next membership meeting.  I see in the procedures that the bylaws committee chair is to read the new bylaws "unless the first reading is dispensed with" prior to moving to adopt the bylaws.  How do we dispense with the initial reading?  As we proceed through the bylaws seriatum, can we also dispense with reading each article/section and just announce the article instead?  The revised bylaws will be rolled out to the membership well in advance and several educational sessions will be conducted prior to the meeting.  The members should be very familiar with the new provisions so we don't think it will be necessary to read each article/section as it is considered.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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"*In the case of any resolution, motion, or paper placed before the assembly that has not been read even once, the chair normally should not put it to a vote or seek its approval or adoption without reading it (or having it read by the secretary) unless permission is first obtained by unanimous consent. In a case where the full text has been distributed to the members in advance and it is customary for the reading to be omitted, the chair may initially presume that there is no objection to omitting the reading (but any member still has the right to demand that it be read). Such a case typically involves adoption of an agenda; approval of the minutes; or, in a convention, the rules proposed by the Committee on Standing Rules or the program proposed by the Program Committee. (See also p. 38, l. 27 to p. 39, l. 6.) "  RONR (11th ed.), p. 46fn

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