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Handling of verbally withdrawn candidacy, followed by written request to be reconsidered


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I would like to begin by thanking you for the opportunity to take part in this forum.

The topic at hand is how to address an individual that initially submitted their name as a candidate for a position and was accepted as a candidate.   This was followed by a verbal announcement to have his name withdrawn due to hearsay a few weeks later.  Once the hearsay was addressed the individual submitted a letter of reconsideration for the position a few weeks later.  Is a vote required in order for the individual to be reconsidered as a candidate?   

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If the person was nominated, and subsequently requested that his name be removed from the ballot, I don't see any reason that this request could not be withdrawn.  From a parliamentary point of view, the nomination is the important thing, and if that was correctly done the rest is more a matter of courtesy than anything else.  

Did the assembly take any action by a motion to remove the name, or reinstate it?  It does not seem to me that this would be required.

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