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slate of officers

Guest Meg Sponseller

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You hold the election as specified in your rules.  Whether your nominating committee did its job or not, the chair would call for nominations from the floor, so you might find candidates that way.  If nobody is nominated, use blank ballots and ask people to write in names.  A majority of votes cast is required for election.

Or, if the bylaws do not require a ballot vote, and you can get a single nominee, that person can be declared elected by acclamation.

If the existing officers' terms end, and you wind up without a presiding officer or a recording officer, each meeting can choose a president pro tem or secretary pro tem to preside and record for that meeting.  The process can be repeated until the election can be completed.

Check your bylaws for the terms of office.  They may provide that the existing officers serve "until the election of their successors".

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