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Officer Resignations

Guest Maggie

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57 minutes ago, Guest Maggie said:

What is to be done if the President and Vice President both resign a the same time?

First, check to see if your bylaws say anything about filling vacancies. If so, follow those rules. If they are silent on this subject but grant the board full power and authority over the society’s affairs between meetings of the general membership, then the board may act to accept the resignations and accept the vacancies. If they are silent on this subject and do not grant the board the authority mentioned here, the society itself would accept the resignations and fill the vacancies. In either of these cases, previous notice is required of the elections to fill the vacancies.

Until the vacancies are filled, the Secretary would call meetings to order and preside over a brief election for a Chairman Pro Tempore, who would preside for the duration of the meeting, or until a new President is elected, whichever comes first.

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