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Violating Bylaws

Dawn Logan

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Are there any provisions in Robert's Rules for a chairperson violating bylaws?

We have provisions in our bylaws for forming a nominating committee, electing a chair to that committee, and what they must submit as a slate. A person chosen to be on the committee by the BOD, took it upon herself to take over as chair and submitted an invalid slate per the bylaws, submitted after the deadline in the bylaws, and also did not consult her committee on the resubmitted slate that followed the bylaws (which is also against the bylaws). I was asked if there is anything we can do about it. Any advice is appreciated.

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One thing is just ignore what appears (from what you write) to be a spurious set of nominations.

If that set of names is "accepted" (but by whom?) in  meeting, raise a point of order that it should be ignored for the reasons you cited.

Were other (proper) nominations offered earlier?  In any event, the floor should be opened for nominations (see page 435) prior to the actual elections so you could nominate folks more to your liking.

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It seems to me, based on what you have posted, that the "slate" of nominees is not the official 'slate" of the nominating committee.  A point of order should  be raised that this list of nominees has not been properly selected and a motion made to re-open nominations or to direct the nominating committee to resume its deliberations and produce a list of nominees (it probably isn't really a "slate") agreed upon by a majority vote of the committee if there is time to do so.

Keep in mind that unless your own rules provide to the contrary, candidates  may also be nominated from the floor. It might be that due to time constraints that is your only option, other than a ruling  from the chair (with a possible appeal to the assembly) that the list from the nominating committee  is null  and void and that it should  be ignored.

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