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Board made decision for new way to get majority vote


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Because the group of people declared themselves an association  They did not have 51% to favor them ! no by-laws written !

A water-bill proxy came to ones home stated no reply the proxy would be used as they desired.

Acting association sent out proxy requesting approval of their private written by-laws be approved and adopted.

The lack of response to proxy gave them favor votes !  Now they declared that their by-laws were now adopted!  

Even years after they amended that by-law and again without a favor support of majority members !

Is this legal? By-laws can be forced on members ? 


I think even using the forceful proxy had to be approved in a majority voted set of by-laws first ! 


What is your take on this subject ? Does association need to start from scratch on the beginning of By-laws

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Thank you! Yes I know it is nuts ! But a Judge in court ruled they were an legal association .

Strange this board wrote they used Robert Rules!

So now we have to deal with by-laws !

By-laws written to give them a endless time as officer of the Board .

and to give there reason that another person can not take office ! 

America In The Dark ! This crap goes on ! 

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