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Robert Polus

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On 11/8/2019 at 5:09 PM, Robert Polus said:

I'm with a Yacht Club, we have a 503c with the state of Washington. In our bylaws, it states your membership can be terminated for any reason. is this even legal?

RONR does not quite say that a member’s may be terminated for any reason, although it does provide that a member may be disciplined (up to and including expulsion) for “tending to injure the good name of the organization, disturb its well-being, or hamper it in its work,” which is quite broad and open to interpretation. RONR is more concerned with the process for removing a member and leaves the reasons at the society’s discretion. In any event, however, the bylaws take precedence over RONR, so nothing in RONR prevents the organization from adopting such a rule in its bylaws.

If your question is whether the rule in question conflicts with some applicable provision in federal, state, or local law, that is a question for an attorney.

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