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Motion to Adjourn

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During meeting #1, in the middle of voting on a motion (vote not yet finished), a member called to adjourn the meeting (no time or date to meeting again, this was the last meeting of the year, and the adjournment time was not already set on the agenda). I have read the information on this matter in RONR but I'm confused. I don't think this can be done.  It is my understanding the rational for the adjourment motion was a few vocal members needed to get to another meeting directly after meeting #1, which they thought was taking too much time.

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"The privileged motion to Adjourn: 
    1.    Takes precedence over all motions except the privileged motion to Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn; but it is not in order while the assembly is engaged in voting or verifying a vote, or before the result of a vote has been announced by the chair, except that, in the case of a vote taken by ballot, a motion to Adjourn is in order after the ballots have been collected by the tellers and before the result has been announced" 
RONR (11th ed.), p. 235 (and see the footnote)

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