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Tabling budget

Guest Melody

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Never mind that the Board member should have moved to postpone considering the report (or perhaps referring it to a style committee to fix the format), anybody can move to "take the report from the table" at the next meeting -- majority vote.

If your bylaw allow them to happen, you could call a special meeting -- check page 91 for extra requirements.

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22 hours ago, Guest Melody said:

If a Board member tabled the budget report because he didn't agree with the formatting, how can we bring this up again?  Can we call a special meeting in order to deal with this issue so we can proceed to prepare a new budget?

A single member can't table anything, and nobody can table something because they don't agree with the formatting.  So what should have happened was that the chair should have ruled the (motion?) to table as out of order.  If the board wishes to prepare  a new budget, it was probably not a wise choice to allow the report to be tabled in the first place.

But at this point, anyone can move to take the report from the table at the next meeting.  Special meetings can't be called except by following the procedures that are (hopefully) contained in your bylaws.

See FAQ #12 for more information on the motion to Lay on the Table.

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