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Minutes for a Closed Meeting

Guest Kelly Boice

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Minutes, for a "closed" (I presume you mean what RONR calls an "Executive Session", page 95) or an open meeting, should only contain motions that were made, and how they were disposed of: adopted, defeated, postponed to the next meeting, or whatever. See p 468ff.  Minutes record what was done, not what was said.

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RONR uses the term Executive Session to describe a meeting, or portion of a meeting, "at which the proceedings are secret." (p. 95, line 18).

"The minutes, or record of proceedings, of an executive session must be read and acted upon only in executive session [and, therefore, stay confidential] unless that which would be reported in the minutes -- that is, the action taken, as distinct from that which was said in debate -- was not secret, or secrecy has been lifted by the assembly." (p. 96, lines 9-14)

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2 hours ago, Guest Kelly Boice said:

When a meeting is closed, are the minutes confidential or should the minutes only contain the Motion made and passed?

Guest Kelly, I agree with the previous responses but would add that a “closed meeting” and a meeting held in executive session are not necessarily the same thing. A meeting might well be closed to non-members, but yet if it is not being held in executive session, its proceedings are not secret.  Excluding nonmembers and holding the meeting in executive session are two different things.

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