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Nominating Committee Voting

Guest Janet

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Our nominating committee selects the officers for the following year and have always done the voting by mail or email after each member of the committee has received the letters of intent and the resumes. The question has risen if something like "Survey Monkey" can be used.  Since I am not familiar with "Survey Monkey" I don't know how it works with ties, etc. so I feel unable to answer the Chair of the Nominating Committee on this question.

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I can't speak to Survey Monkey or any of those other programs.  However, before any of that is considered the first question would need to be if the Bylaws specifically established the Nominating Committee?  If it is, then you cannot hold meetings or votes via email unless the Bylaws say you can.  If it isn't specifically established under the Bylaws then the General Membership can adopt a standing rule allowing it.  See RONR pp. 98-99 for more details. 

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