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Strikethrough option not available when editing a comment

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The  strikethrough option is not available when  editing a comment.  It is there (here) when making an original post, but it is not an option when editing..... and that is when we need it the most!

Is there some reason for this?  Is there a way to make it available when editing a comment?

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6 minutes ago, Shmuel Gerber said:

The options available depend on the screen size. Are you using the same browser and device to create and to edit?

On my laptop, I have the strikethrough option only when making a post/comment, as i am doing now.  The option is there.  But when trying to edit a comment usiing the same laptop that I made the original post with, the  strikethrough option is not there.

When using my iPhone, I do not see the strikethrough option at all, whether making a new comment or editing one.

Edited to add:  I think this is something new. And, fwiw, the strikethrough option which was there when making this comment is no longer there.

Edited by Richard Brown
Added last paragraph
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13 minutes ago, Shmuel Gerber said:

Either it was a temporary problem, or the size of the browser window might have changed a bit. In any event, I added the strikeout button to all screen sizes now, so hopefully it will work at all times.

Thank you!  It is here now as I type this.  I'm going to post it and then come back and see if I have the option when I try to edit this comment.

Edited to add:  Yes, I have the strikethrough option now when editing!  It's also  available on my iPhone, at least for making a comment.  I'll check to see if it is there when editing, but I won't say anything else unless there is a problem. 

Thank you!

Edited to add: yes, the strikethrough option is here both for making an original comment and for editing comments when using my iPhone. Terrific!! 

Edited by Richard Brown
Added comment re all ok using iPhone
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