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Covid requires our group to meet online

Guest Karen Marie

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Our By-Laws were writtien in the 1990's and have never been updated to change with the times.  Being in the middle of the pandemic we have been meeting through zoom.  We've had a recent resignation that requires a vote of the board but we would normally cast ballots anonymously.  We want to keep it that way and want to use online polling to remain anonymous.  If the by-laws don't specifically state that we can and don't specifically state we can't would it be ok to maintain our zoom meetings with an online vote?

This is a very contencious vote.  

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Guest Karen, if your organization is Incorporated,  there’s a possibility that state law or a governor’s  executive order issued during the pandemic might authorize the organization or its board to meet electronically.

You might also take a look at official interpretation 2020-1 on the main website.  It might also be helpful to review the first locked thread in the general discussion group about electronic meetings during the pandemic.

Edited to add: for the official interpretations, click here and scroll way down to 2020–1:  https://robertsrules.com/official-interpretations/#interpretations

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