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I haven't seen the "Mark Forum as Read" button for the past few days. Has that disappeared for everyone, or is it possibly a glitch with my computer.

Sometime (especially if there are lot of unread topics), I would like to mark them all as read without having to click on each one individually. 

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Weldon, The “mark as read” option now appears to be in the options you get in the drop-down menu when you click on the three horizontal dashes in the upper right corner of the forums. I suspect that using that option now causes all posts in all forums to be marked as read, rather than just one particular forum such as the general discussion forum or the advanced discussion forum. 

Personally, I much prefer to be able to do this forum by forum rather than marking everything in all of the forums as read by one click. However, more than that, I do not want it to be too easy to accidentally mark everything as red. I have done that accidentally at least twice when I had absolutely no intention of marking all of the posts in a forum as being read.

It first happened several years ago when I was systematically working my way backwards trying to read every thread (or at least almost every thread) in the general discussion forum. I had already gone back several years when I accidentally hit the “Mark all posts as read“ option and BAMMO, every post in the forum was suddenly marked as having been read.

This happened another time when I had been away for several days at a convention and was behind in reading the forum posts. I was trying to systematically catch up when I accidentally marked all posts as read. 

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5 hours ago, Daniel H. Honemann said:

After I click on either the General or Advanced Forum button, "MARK FORUM AS READ" appears in the upper right hand corner under the "Start new topic" rectangle.

I still don't see it there. But I have discovered that if I click on the button to the left of the title of each forum, it marks all of the posts in that forum as read.

I agree with Mr., Brown that it has sometimes been too easy to accidentally mark a forum as read, which I have done myself a few times. It just makes me be extra careful.

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