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Emergency resolution

Guest Woody Gunnels

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2 minutes ago, Guest Woody Gunnels said:

Is there an emergency resolution and how is it defined? Where can I find it in Edition 12?

RONR does not use the term "emergency resolution," so you will not find it anywhere in the 12th edition.

If you could explain what it is you mean by this term, we may be able to provide further assistance.

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A member can rise when no motion is pending to be assigned the floor to move the adoption of the resolution.  If the consideration of the resolution interferes with the established order of business, the member can move to Suspend the Rules that interfere with the immediate consideration of the resolution; this motion to Suspend the Rules requires a two-thirds vote for adoption.

When another main motion is pending, a member can move to Lay on the Table the pending main motion and all that adheres to it; if adopted by majority vote, the member can proceed as I have described in the first paragraph.

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