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President cursing out a board member

Mario Dell

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Our president had complete melt down when a board member nominated a person for a position.  He cursed out the board member that nominated the person and exclaimed if you vote for this [explicative] woman,  I am leaving.  He then spoke despairingly about the nominee. He then called for a vote for the nominated person which was voted down by a shocked board.  He then asked for another nominee form the board, a vote and that person was elected.

We now have a full fledge investigation of the president for harassment and bullying by the nominee that was not elected as well as the bullied Board Member who subsequently resigned.

When we finalize our decision to remove, we need a 2/3rd vote of the Board to remove him.  I don't believe the President has a right to vote.


would like your input on the vote and any other guidnace based on his violation of Robert's Ruels of Order.

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4 hours ago, Mario Dell said:

would like your input on the vote and any other guidnace based on his violation of Robert's Ruels of Order.

Agreeing with the advice above by Dr. Kapur, I would add that if your organization has bylaw provisions or special rules that provide for a disciplinary process, the procedure specified in your rules will trump those in RONR. The disciplinary procedures in RONR are very detailed and I agree that you should study that chapter (chapter XX) thoroughly.

The president may or may not have the right to vote on his own removal. If you are following the removal from office procedures described in the first bullet point in 62:16 for officers who serve a term of “_____ years or until their successors are elected“, the president is entitled to vote on the motion.

However, if you were following the procedure described in the second bullet point in that section, a formal trial will be required and the president will have to leave the room and will not be entitled to vote on his removal.

Edited to add: see FAQ #20 on the main website for information on the procedure for removing someone from office. You will have to scroll down to question number 20, which is the last question.  https://robertsrules.com/frequently-asked-questions/


Edited by Richard Brown
Added last paragraph with citation to FAQ #20.
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