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Board approved survey


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I am going to guess that the three members alluded to were appointed as a committee to investigate this issue. Did this group of three (a committee perhaps?) present a formal report, and what was the board's reaction to the report? Did they explain the omission?

Criminal territory? We do not do legal in this forum. That is a subject between the association and its attorney.

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Also still not sure enough on the details.

How was the survey organised?  How where the three able to remove some comments? (This does mean they were able to see them while other board members were not) 

How can the membership be un aware of the survey? (Was only a small part sampled of the membership, was it all done very unscientific?)

But also the bylaws have not been amended yet so nothing has been decided.

(And the  suggested amendments can still be voted down) 

What is going on with that ballot to change the bylaws, is it organized in a way prescribed kin the bylaws.? ( cite chapter and verse, quote all the the articles on bylaw change)

And this is only a start....

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It seems to me that there isn't really a parliamentary issue here. From what we're told, there was no decision-making process that went wrong. Rather, instead of such a process, people took it on themselves to destroy data. That's definitely an issue, but the only way it touches on parliamentary procedure, as I see it, is through the disciplinary process and/or removal from the board. So here's one thing to consider: how do your board members get on the board, and what is the term of office for the relevant people?

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I still have the feeling we are missing some important information here. I also tend to think that the three members who removed or hid some survey responses are quite possibly some sort of committee or for some reason thought they had the authority to remove the data.  I’m surprised the membership did not even know about the survey. Who was being surveyed, anyway? I am also surprised that the other board members are not up in arms about the data being removed. Do the other board members even know about it? If not, why not?  Has anyone asked the three board members why they remove the data? If not, why not?  What is their response? How is it that they had access to the data before the other board members?

Disciplinary proceedings and/or removal from office are definite options, but it may well be that the board or the membership may simply adopt a motion requiring that all survey responses be included in the results.

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12 minutes ago, Simon said:

The decision to remove the data was made by two board members on that committee and The Vice President with the Presidents knowledge

This first of all is an issue for the strategic planning committee. What do the other members of that committee think of it. Was it a decision of that committee? 

Then there is the question for the board , is disciplinary action (or a motion of disapproval) needed against the president and the vice president?  

Also the board can decide to inform the membership of all what has happened and what their opinions on it are. 

Then still questions on the ballot itself is that all done according the rules in the bylaws? 


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