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Federal Charter of a VSO

Peg, MD

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4 minutes ago, Peg, MD said:

Veterans Service Organization, as in Title 36 of the US Code

In all probability, the answer is yes, it is a "governing document" of the organization.  It would either be equivalent to a corporate charter as described in sections 2:5 - 2:7 of the 12th edition of RONR  or covered in footnote 4 to Section 2:7 which reads as follows:

4. The word charter may also refer to a certificate issued by a national or state organization, granting the right to form a particular local or subordinate unit. While such a charter is not an instrument of incorporation and is usually quite general in its terms, it supersedes any rules the subordinate body may adopt, because it carries with it the requirement that the subordinate unit adopt no rules that conflict with those of the grantor.


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28 minutes ago, Peg, MD said:

Is the Federal Charter of a VSO considered a governing document for that organization?

The term "governing document" does not appear in RONR (except in the index).

But in general, the charter of an organization chartered by the government supersedes all of the organization's other rules. RONR (12th ed.) 2:7

A quick Google search also came up with this, which you may find helpful.

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