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Members of the board receiving remuneration for other than out of pocket expenses

John Glover

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The Chair requested compensation for doing program coordinators work. 

The contracted program coordinator was so upset by actions of the board (believed to be in conflict of interest and contrary to the society rules) that this person felt compelled to resign.  Immediately following the resignation (within 24 hours) the Chair inhibited the ability of the program coordinator (locked out any access to be able to continue the work for the final month, as per the required notice given) to complete the final term and then the Chair assumed the work previously done by the now departing program coordinator.  In a monthly board meeting this issue was raised and the Chair made a request to be compensated for the work done at the hourly rate specified for the program coordinator position.  Motion moved by the vice-president, seconded by the treasurer and passed.  The program coordinator final payment was docked for the work and payment made to the Chair.  

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On 1/30/2023 at 5:20 PM, John Glover said:

I have a question related to both 1) Roberts Rules of behavior and 2) a conflict of interest issue where the Chair disabled the ability of the contractor to do their work and then did the work instead with a request for compensation.  

Actually, your question appears to have nothing at all to do with Robert's Rules of Order.

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On 1/30/2023 at 4:33 PM, John Glover said:

Are you saying that Roberts Rules does not address or care about conflicts of interest or bad behavior by a board member especially a Chair person? 

RONR has procedures for discipline. Whether the conduct at issue warrants discipline is a decision for the society to make.

You should first check your society's bylaws to see if they say anything on the subject of discipline or removal of officers. In the event the bylaws are silent on that subject, the rules on this matter will depend on the exact language used to define the term of office. See FAQ #20 for more information.

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RONR is only about the rules between (board)members including officers) of a organisation (and mostly about rules for the deliberation yhat happens in an organisation

All of what I read in your question is about the relationship between yhe chair and the coordinator (employee) , RONR just doesn't have anything to say about that. 

Legal matters are also not a matter of RONR,  so you will not find rules about that either.

Behavior of members (including chairs boardmembers snd other officers) is only a matter for RONR for as far as it is about the procedure. (How to hold a disciplinary trial snd so) 

Rules about payments are not part of it.

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