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Nomiating committee not appointed

Guest doug

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Our association at the August Genral Membership meeting seeks nominations from the floor to form a nominating committee of 7 members. They are charged with presenting a slate of canidates at the September Membership meeting, at that meeting nominations from the floor for the open positions can be made. At the October meeting the elections are held.

The question is; when the induvidual running the August meeting does not call for a nominating committee to be formed what do you do?

Seek nominations from the at the September meeting and hold the elections in October? Or do you delay the process until the next meeting and delay the processes by 1 month for each?

Here is a copy of our by-law on this subject;

SEC. 3. At the regular meeting on the second (2nd) Thursday in August, a nominating

committee of seven (7) members shall be elected by the Association. The

nominating committee shall be nominated from the floor with no member making

more than one (1) nomination. Members of the nominating committee must be

members in good standing. The President shall appoint a member of the elected

nominating committee to act as the temporary chairman. The temporary chairman

shall designate time, place, and date of the first nominating committee meeting

and to notify other members of the nominating committee. The first order of

business of the nominating committee to be election of a nominating chairman.

The nominating committee shall present a proposed slate of officers and

committee chairmen at the September meeting. Nominations from the floor will be

accepted only at the September meeting after the nominating committee reports.

No nominations from the floor will be accepted on the night of the annual

meeting. All members are to be advised in writing of the proposed slate a

minimum of seven (7) days before the annual meetingfloor

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