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Amending an agenda prior to voting on accepting agenda


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Our organization meets on a monthly basis.Items are normally placed on an agenda, by the secretary, in the order in which they are received. That agenda is then posted several days before the scheduled meeting.There have been occasions when, for a variety of reasons, requests are made by a board member, prior to the posting of the agenda, to post a particular item as Item # 1 although it may have been the 3rd item received. These requests have always been granted in the past. In this case the Chair told the secretary that he determined the order of the agenda and instructed her to not to make the requested change. The agenda has since been posted but has to be adopted by a majority vote. What is the correct procedure to follow when the agenda comes up for adoption? I am considering asking to amend the agenda to follow the requested but denied change. Is this permissable?

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