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Motions to Nominate v. Making of Nominations

Guest Kelly Sweet

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The actual nomination of Kelly Sweet to office is debatable as to her qualifications or lack thereof for the office.........This would not be debatable: "If no method of making nominations is designated by the bylaws or rules and the assembly has adopted no order on the subject, anyone can make a motion prescribing the method of nomination for an office to be filled." RONR, p. 277 So if you moved to form a nominating committee (assuming you didn't have one already), that motion would not be debatable.

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There is another thread on this topic here. Below are a couple replies from that thread that might help as well

Motions relating to nominations are not debatable. Page 276

The making of nominations is debatable. Page T45

Motions realated to nominations, such as opening and closing them, are not debatable. But the nominations themselves, i.e., the merit, or lack thereof, of the individual candidates is most certainly debatable.

"I nominate Kelly Sweet for Treasurer."

This is the nomination and is debatable, to the merits of whether you would be a good candidate for the position.

"I move to close nominations."

"I move that nominations be conducted by ballot."

These are motions relating to nominations, and are not debatable.

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... the difference between the non-debatable motions relating to nominations and the debatable making of nominations is debatable.

Could someone please assist in clarifying this?

Undebatable motions:

• "I move that nominations be re-opened."

• "I move that nominations be closed."

Debatable, i.e., subject to commentary in support or in opposition:

• Seconding speeches (by defintion!)

• Rising to speak against the notion of Col. Mustard being nominated for president.

• Being granted the floor to speak in favor of Mrs. Peacock for treasurer.

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