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Voting Member in good standing

Guest Janet

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I fear you have a bit of a problem...

In Good Standing:

When RONR uses the term "member in good standing" (RONR, p. 6, l. 20-21, p. 279, l. 34-35, & p. 585, l. 7-8) it is referring to a member whose membership rights are not in suspension, either as a consequence of disciplinary proceedings (Chapter XX) or by operation of some specific provision in the bylaws of the organization.

Unfortunately, the current edition of the book doesn't actually state this definition (although it was written by a member of the RONR Authorship Team). So if you use the phrase "in good standing" in the bylaws be sure to define exactly what you mean: what causes a member not to be in good standing, what he has to do to get back into the good graces of the association, &c. Also, you should specify which membership rights, duties, privileges, &c. are lost (or retained) by a member as a consequence of his being in "bad standing" because of a suspension, as distinct from his being in good standing or ceasing to be a member at all.

Which is a long winded way of saying: "You will have to answer your own question."

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A member in good standing is someone with full membership rights. A member not in good standing must have somehow lost those rights.

This person might still be considered a member of the society, but would not be considered a member of the "assembly" of the society, because they would have lost the right to vote, at the very least. Presumably, as non-members of the assembly they would not even be allowed to attend meetings, so the quorum requirement should ignore them as not being "voting members in good standing".

You'll have to figure out for yourself how someone would arrive in that state, and whether you actually have any folks like that or not.

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