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  1. rigged.

    Can you find another candidate for vice president (or president)?
  2. Exactly. In fact, it is a political party: the Hillsborough County Democratic Executive Committee, the same organization we discussed in that earlier thread. I intend to write a full revision of the bylaws in the near future, and in doing so I will attempt to rename the Steering Committee to something less confusing, almost certainly some variant of "Executive Board". I'll be perfectly honest: I don't know how binding the budget is. I also don't remember the exact wording of the motion that created the committee. If the draft minutes have been transcribed by our secretary, I'll try to get a copy. I guess it depends on how binding the budget is. I'm under the impression that just because something is listed as a line item in the budget doesn't mean it's a requirement. If that's the case, I figure the amendment doesn't conflict.
  3. At last week's meeting of our organization's steering committee, one of the members proposed hiring a field organizer. We voted to refer the proposal to a special committee, to report back at next month's steering committee meeting. The member who proposed the motion, who was also named as chair of the special committee, contacted me later to ask how he could go about proposing an amendment to the budget to set aside funds for the hiring of the field organizer. (The adoption of the budget is a general order for the general membership meeting occurring tomorrow.) I told him that as far as I understood the relevant documents, everything should be clear. The chair of the organization got wind of the amendment in the works, and also contacted me to ask how to handle the situation, given that it was referred to a subcommittee. I think I may have given her incorrect advice, that since the matter was referred to a committee (something I had forgotten when talking to the member), it's effectively "in progress" and an amendment to that effect would be out of order. I did tell her, however, that any two members could appeal that ruling and then it would be determined by a majority of the members present and voting. The special committee is technically a subcommittee of the steering committee, and as such reports back to the steering committee, presumably at the next steering committee meeting, in about three weeks. Also, if I'm reading the situation right, the odds of the amendment passing are relatively low, considering the budget already contains funds that could be used for the hiring of the field organizer. Should I tell the member to hold off on the amendment? Should I suggest that the chair let the amendment proceed?
  4. Motion made and went to vote

    Yes, with caveats. The exception is if the motion in question requires a majority of those present or a majority of the entire membership. Unless your bylaws specify otherwise, this doesn't apply to main motions.
  5. Elections and Voting

    Bylaws supersede RONR. However, I don't think it would be a great idea. There are too many ways to game the system.
  6. Improper Decorum During Debate

    As I understand it, it comes down (as do so many things) to "let the assembly decide". Any member can call another member to order (pp. 645f); I'd presume this would apply even if the member in question is not participating in the debate.
  7. Secretary

    Yes. On p. 447 ll. 16-19:
  8. En Masse Adoption of Bylaws

    Or do what we do: "By the way, we have to be out of the building in five minutes"...
  9. Changing Committee Charges

    Was the committee created by the bylaws or by a motion? If the committee was specified in the bylaws, then changing the duties of that committee will require an amendment to the bylaws (unless the bylaws themselves include verbiage that would allow for it).
  10. Digitizing Minutes

    Remember the 3-2-1 rule: (At least) 3 copies of your data. (At least) 2 different media. (At least) 1 must be offsite. If you keep your original minutes on your hard drive, I'd recommend an external hard drive for a second copy, and the third copy (and offsite) could be something like Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive/etc. That way, if your hard drives fail, or you make a mistake during backup and destroy your local copies, or your headquarters burns down, then you have a remaining backup to go to. EDIT: Just to be absolutely clear, this isn't parliamentary advice. This is IT-nerd advice. RONR doesn't say anything about this, but the collective wisdom of system administrators does.
  11. But in any case, the actions the subcommittee is allowed to take would need to be spelled out in the motion that creates it, no? So it's not just going to be a matter of "we're going to create this subcommittee consisting of just the officers, and nobody else is allowed to know what we do"...
  12. While the discussions of that subcommittee would be secret, wouldn't any actions of the subcommittee either have to come back to the full committee for action (where the matter would be discussed again) or explicitly outlined in the motion forming the subcommittee?
  13. The "Executive Committee" is the organization itself. Yes, it's confusing. HCDEC Bylaws Revised August 21, 2017.pdf (Not actually revised, just amended...)
  14. Not specifically, neither for the Steering Committee nor for other committees. An amendment to introduce a quorum is actually being proposed during the next general meeting. We do have a custom quorum for the organization: In either case, though, seven is less than 40% of the membership of the Steering Committee (and is definitely less than 40% of the membership of the organization). And I don't think anyone could reasonably argue that 40% of the membership of the full organization is needed at Steering Committee meetings...
  15. The part I quoted is from the bylaws. I say "de-facto" in that it's never referred to as a board, but it performs the role of one. The chair did, and nobody objected. (I've been trying to pick my battles.) I was going by the bylaws' definition: I figured something like that was the case.