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  1. We just received notice from the Chair that the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of our Council is canceled this month due to COVID being on the increase and no suitable meeting room being found that will allow sufficient social distancing. Keep in mind this is a 9 member volunteer Council that advocates for the members of the complex where we live and is not any type of business entity. Within minutes of receiving the email notice of cancelation another member of the Council called me and she expressed the same reaction that I had. We expect the Chair made little or no effort t
  2. The majority of the Council met informally today and plan at the next meeting to raise a point of order that the Special Meeting of Oct 6 was illegal. This is due to it being called by the Chair (when it had to be called by the Executive Committee) and that no public notice was given (as required). I verified today that at least three out of 5 members of the Executive Committee were not contacted about approving the call of a special meeting. The Chair just sent the Council members a notice and brief agenda. I also verified with the person who posts notice items that nothing was publicly
  3. Thank you all so much! I find this forum extremely valuable and appreciate all who are willing to share their knowledge, opinions, and experience.
  4. As to the question posed about an exact quote of what I was referring to, the quote is in the Constitution (not the by-laws) and it exactly as follows: SECTION 3. The five (5) first named officers in Section 1 above shall comprise the Executive Committee of the Council. This Committee will set operational priorities and policies for the Council.
  5. Our non-profit (resident run) Council constitution and by-laws provide for an Executive Committee made up of 5 officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer). The current Chair and Vice Chair have been equating meeting as an Executive Committee with an executive session. From what I can tell, you can't have an executive session without the majority of the Council moving to adjourn to an executive session or perhaps without at least the Executive Committee establishing in its meeting that this is an executive session. Am I correct that Executive Committee meeting
  6. Thanks so much for the additional information and advice. To all who support this forum, it is very much appreciated!
  7. Very helpful! Our next Council monthly meeting is Nov 10. Sounds like at that meeting I need to raise a point of order regarding the Oct 6 special meeting for the two reasons that a majority of the Executive Committee did not call the meeting and that there was no public notice and this constitutes a continuing a breach? Would we then vote on invalidating that meeting and any action taken at that meeting and see if the majority of the Council agrees that is what happened? It that is how to do it, does that topic need to be an agenda item? If so, do I need to give adequate notice to the
  8. You are very right and I appreciate so much your guidance and assistance. I do have one other important question related to this. I found something online that indicates you cannot have a special meeting unless your by-laws provide for that. I can't see anything (in the original or revised) by-laws about special meetings of the Council however there is the language below in the Council Constitution that provides for special meetings. The Chair and Vice Chair were the ones promoting the revisions and the Chair called for the special Council meeting on October 6 to do the ratification (imme
  9. Thanks, those answers are extremely helpful. So there is nothing we can do until we go through another amendment process? Can we make a motion to put implementation of the revised by-laws on hold and halt any further publication during the revision process? Still looking for a way out as the revision process will take a couple months at least. We really made a big mistake letting the revised by-laws get through and now a majority of the Council is very concerned and there is a backlash from the residents we serve. We are searching for a way to at least mitigate the situation some whi
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