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Folks chatting with each other rather than paying attention to the business of the meeting.

Or, members making better use of their time when nothing important is happening. Or discussing strategies for adopting/defeating the pending motion. As long as it doesn't disturb the assembly, "cross-talk" is permitted.

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What does cross talking refer to, during a meeting?

"Cross talking" are private conversations by the attendees, which may rise to a level of volume sufficient to interfere with other members' attention to, or hearing, the business which is ongoing.

While no single conversation might be of high enough volume to be a distraction, the cumulative effect of a half dozen or so "low volume" conversations might indeed cause a "rumble" effect or "buzz" effect which becomes a distraction.

For example, a buzz in one corner of the room might be low enough to ignore, or to tolerate, but when all four corners of the room are a abuzz, then one's concentration and focus suffers, even if no pair of talkers are loud enough to cause a collective "Shh!" from the other attendees.

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