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I couldn't find any straightforward "Noms. are debatable" statement anywhere in XIV (Sec. 46).

Near as I can tell, the tinted pages are (is) the only source for "Nominations are debatable" anywhere in the book. Debatability is implied, but not stated, by the initial lines on p. 416.

You're right there is no direct statement. Combine p. 416 with p. 156 "When a blank exists or has been created, any number of members can suggest, without a second, a different name, place, number, date, or amount for filling it. No member can suggest more than one proposal for filling the blank unless he receives unanimous consent to do so. Each proposal is debatable and is treated as an independent original to be voted on separately until one is approved by a majority."

Is it tidy? Maybe not, but it's there.

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