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vote passing?

Guest stephen

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I fear your impression is (mostly) wrong. There are a few "parliamentary" motions that require 2/3 (all or most of the time) but virtually all run-of-the-mill motions of substance (Shall the organization do or spend this; shall the organization take this position.., &c) only require a majority to be adopted.

President can vote if he is a member but shouldn't - to remain "impartial" - unless the vote is by ballot or his vote could make a difference - make/break a tie or cross the 2/3 threshold.

Back to your reading! Where did you get that "impression?"

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from reading the robert's rules of order "in brief"...

I'll stick my nose in just to say good for you! It's a good place to start, and there's much there to get you going, although it seems you might want to read it a little slower and make sure you're getting it right. :) And I'll add the caution that I hope you've got the 2nd edition, which has been updated to match the current 11th Edition of RONR.

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from reading the robert's rules of order "in brief"...i'm getting the impression that all votes require a 2/3 majority in order to pass.

is that true?

No. In fact, you will not find the term "2/3 majority" anywhere in RONRIB, so I can't begin to guess what gave you that impression. All but a few motions require a majority vote (more than half of those present and voting). A few procedural motions, mainly those that protect the minority, require a 2/3 vote.

also, does the president get to vote on motions?

or does he only vote in the case of a tie?

The president votes whenever the vote is by ballot, or whenever his single vote would affect the outcome (presuming he wishes to change the outcome).

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