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Hi all, to make a long story more to the point, I would like to ask this.

Our HOA has not had an election since 2006. Since that time the positions have been filled by appointments from resignations etc. Really cannot fillout a term if it doesn't really exist. i was one of those as a former Pres when i too and entire board quit 3 yrs ago.

Now the board is at 2 members. A pres and a secretary, VP quit. Bylaws say we must have 3. Pres has had it and is a good friend and asked me to take it back, once again by appointment.

Secretary i doubt will approve because we never got along. She too is in by appointment from a couple years ago. Bylaws say must have 2/3 to approve a vacancy but it does not exist.

If i get back in ,my plan is only until March to finallyput a general election in place for all three positions tostart over. How can the pres quit and I take over without 2/3 vote? thx

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I would suggest you get the advice of a professional parliamentarian on this, and perhaps a lawyer.

No elections since 2006? Everybody resigns, not finishes their term? Eeep. Do the bylaws call for elections, by the way? Silly question, maybe.

Just for the issue at hand, can the current president and secretary agree to appoint another member, one whom they could both agree on? Once that person is in, then they, and the current President, could appoint you as VP, and then the President could resign. HOWEVER - I would strongly advise getting professional advice on this one.

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