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Unless the minutes are to be published. Then there are different rules, are there not?

Yes. Different, different rules with the 11th edition. RONR (11th ed.), p. 475, l. 26ff It's rarely done in practice in ordinary societies and not worth the additional citation and confusion it causes, except when specifically asked, like you just did.

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There are . . .



Just to clarify (if only in my own mind), what used to be included in published minutes now belong in a document called "the proceedings" and the content of minutes remains the same (i.e. the done-not-said stuff). I suppose that this means that even if the minutes are required to be "published" (whatever that's taken to mean), their content would remain unchanged. Though this may come as a surprise to whoever is requiring the publication of the minutes.

And, just to preempt criticism of my "clarification", see the pages cited by Mr. Honemann for the real clarification.

[Winds are just now picking up a bit here in the mid-Hudson valley and there are scattered power outages nearby. Though I suspect we're faring better, at least for the time being, than the Chesapeake. Good luck to all those affected.]

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