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Proxy Vote Count as Attendance?

Guest Kadi

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In the section regarding meetings, the bylaws for our organization state

Voting "by proxy" shall be allowed

This is the only place proxy votes are mentioned. A board member who does not want to attend meetings anymore is claiming that if they have a proxy at the meeting to vote for them, that counts as them having been in attendance. They are doing this so they can avoid attending the meetings, but also avoid a section of the bylaws that states if someone misses 3 meetings in a row they are automatically removed from the Board of Directors.

On the flip side, the bylaws state

A quorum of the Board shall be met by the presence of the President, or in the President's absence, the Vice President, and no less than three (3) other Board members.

This same board member is arguing that although having a proxy there to vote for them counts as attendance, it does not count towards the quorum requirements.

I believe this board member is incorrect in their interpretation on the attendance issue, but correct regarding the quorum.

Who is correct, and where should I look in Robert's Rules for this information?

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He is dead wrong. Get him to show you the "rule" that somehow redefines "presence" to include a proxy vote cast by someone who is manifestly NOT present. (He won't be able to, of course, unless it is in your Bylaws.)

I don't think anyone would argue that a proxy vote cast by -- meaning, on behalf of -- someone not present constitutes presence. It is the presence, by proxy, of the member that one might think constitutes presence.

I'm not saying that it does, but only that if anyone thinks it does, that's probably what he thinks. :)

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