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Removal of an officer

Guest Maureen

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Whether you can remove an elected officer just by a motion and vote will depend on how your bylaws define the term of office. If they say that the term is for ' ___ years or until a successor is elected', then a motion can be made to remove that person from office. The vote required is a 2/3 vote, or a vote of a majority of the entire membership, or a majority vote if previous notice of the motion to remove is given. In this case, the officer can remain in the meeting and vote on the motion.


If your bylaws say the term is for ' ___ years and until a successor is elected', or just 'for ___ years', then an elected officer can only be removed for cause. See Chapter 20 of RONR, 11th ed. for the details of that involved process.


All this assumes that your bylaws don't provide specifically for some other method of removing officers.

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