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User name and "display name" questions

Guest Richard

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I have not yet registered, so I'm still a "guest".  In reading the posts in the Questions and Comments about the Message Board, I see references to members' "user names" and "display names".  When I click on the "Become a member" link at the top of the page to register, I am asked for a "user name", my email address, and a password.  I am not asked for my real name or for a "display name".




1.  Is there still an option to have a "display name" that is different from one's "user name"?  If so, where is that option offered?  Is it on a later "page" or screen in the signup process?   What are the advantages of having a different "display name"?


2.  What if someone else already has the user name (or display) name that I want?   At some point are we told that that user name is not available, or is it possible to have more than one user with the same user name?   When I type in the user name I think I want on the first page, there is no message telling me whether that name is available or already taken.


3.  I seem to recall that several months ago, I was able to view the members as a guest, but now when I click on the "Members"  link, I get an error  message.  Must one be a member in order to look over the list of members?

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1. This is what it says on the page where you can change your display name: "You are permitted to make 3 changes in a 30 day period. Changing your display name will not affect your log in details." Members will be able to view a history of your display name changes. Note that changing your display name will change it on past posts as well as future posts.


2. I'd be surprised if user names were not unique. I'd also be surprised if display names were not unique also. I'd also guess that e-mail addresses must be unique. At least that's the way I'd set things up.


3. The list of members used to be accessible to non-members but, as you've observed, that's no longer the case

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There is a field in the system for login name and display name. Many members have different display names and login names, which very often causes people confusion. Usually if I get an email from someone telling me they can't log in the first thing I do is check that they are using thier correct login id. Very often they are using their display name. So I wish there was only one field, but there are two. I believe that after you get through the registration process you can customize your account which will include the ability to add a display name.


Display names (and login ids) are unique. I had to arm wrestle with someone over Boss Lady. As you can see, I won.


I will take Edgar's word for it that non-members used to be able to see members. I do not remember that ever being the case.

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