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Motion to defer-primary motion failed

Guest Greg

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Hey everyone,


We got pretty sideways the other night in our club BOD meeting...please help.


We had a motion made and seconded and then during discussion an amendment to the main motion was made and seconded. Then a motion to defer the amendment to the next meeting was made seconded and approved.  Then a vote of the primary motion was taken and failed.


What happens now to the amendment to the motion now?  Does it get deferred even though the primary motion failed?







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Under RONR the motion to postpone the amendment only was not in order, as the motion to postpone to a certain time cannot be applied to a subsidiary motion, which is what the motion to amend is (RONR, 11th ed. p. 181, ll. 28-33).  It would have been in order to postpone the main motion, and then the amendment would have been postponed as well.


However, since no one raised a point of order at the time that the motion to postpone the amendment only was not proper, and then you all went back and voted on the main motion, I'd say the result of that vote stands, and the main motion is not adopted. You can, at the next meeting, start the process all over again by re-introducing the main motion (and any amendments that seem appropriate).

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