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In another thread a separate poster asked another question. I came here to follow up on that.  Their Vice President had become ill and they wished to know if a Vice President Pro Temp could be appointed.

As far as I know and can find in Robert's only a Chairman Pro Temp and a Secretary Pro Temp are provided for.  For a different temporary officer in a society that has adopted RONR as it's Parliamentary authority, wouldn't that organization need to have a rule that allowed for such an appointment? If that was the case would it have to be a bylaw provision or could the organization create a special rule to handle this or is it just not allowable at at?

I was unsure why they felt they must have an officer in that position. The Vice Chair typically does not provide any vital function to an organization that can't be handled by another officer or member.
The Treasurer however is another case.  I think many organizations have the Secretary fill in if there is no Treasurer, but I did a cursorary search and didnt find anything in RONR suggesting that. If a Treasurer role is the one that has the absentee/vacancy, does RONR cover that or is this more of a matter of who ended up as an authorized signator on the bank account and subject more to bank policy and choices of the organization?

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RONR doesn't provide for any pro-tem officers other than President and Secretary, and remember, that designation only applies to their roles in a meeting, not any duties expected of the officers outside of meeting setting, and applies only for the duration of that session.


A bylaw change would be the only way to make anything like that official.

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