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Two elected officers , warring with each other

Guest Gary Brookes

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I, as VP of a non profit organization, am chairing an ad hoc committee to deal with two warring individuals after one of those elected executives ,  the Business Manager, at a social session and in front of assembled general membership, lost his cool in attempting to read a multipage document of reasons to choose one over the other, resulting in a complete tirade denigrating the President.  


The purpose of this ad hoc committee is to make a recommendation(s) to the executive of what to do for a solution.


There is an in camera executive meeting scheduled to deal with receiving this recommendation.  My question is: Should both the individuals be absented from this in camera session , or one ( the Bus. Mgr ) or neither?  I recognize that the President has a direct personal interest as the individual who was denigrated , but does the Business Manager get included to present a defense that should be heard ?


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