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Wording of Minutes regarding Resolutions


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In the minutes of our annual meeting, the draft of which has been posted for comment by members, the following was written: "...member X introduced the following resolution, “Members of the..." The member is objecting because he feels it should say "...member X introduced the following resolution, “I move that, Members of the..."


I contend that the words "I move that" are part of the motion, not part of the resolution and are not required to be recorded in the minutes. To do so would mean that all motions are to be recorded verbatim and include the words "I move that..."


What is correct?

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The words "I move that...." are not part of the motion or resolution itself.  It is the phrase a member uses to get his motion (resolution) before the assembly. 


Edited to add:  Here is the pertinent language from page 33 of RONR:


"MAKING A MOTION. To make a main motion, a member must obtain the floor, as explained above, when no other question is pending and when business of the kind represented by the motion is in order. The member then makes his motion, in simple cases by saying, "I move that ... [announcing what he proposes in a wording intended to become the assembly's official statement of the action taken]." For more important or complex questions, or when greater formality is desired, he presents the motion in the form of a resolution. The usual wording then is, "I move the adoption of the following resolution: ‘Resolved, That ...'"; or, "I offer the following resolution: ‘Resolved, That ...'" (For additional information on the proper form for main motions and resolutions, see 10.)"

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I am not an expert ... but doesn't the president re-state the motion before asking for a vote?  And shouldn't the minutes record the motion as stated by the president? 

Yes and yes.  The president first STATES the motion after it has been moved and seconded and then he PUTS the motion to a vote once debate has ended.  In both instances, his words should reflect the exact wording of the motion.... but without the words "I move that.....".   Those words are not part of the motion.  If the motion has been amended, he puts the motion to a vote by stating it in its final amended form.   And the minutes should  reflect the motion exactly as stated by the chair when he puts it to a vote.

The minutes reflect the final version of the motion. 


Here is the language from page 469:


"the wording in which each motion was adopted or otherwise disposed of (with the facts as to whether the motion may have been debated or amended before disposition being mentioned only parenthetically); "


It is not normally necessary to record each amendment or secondary motion....only the wording as actually put to a vote.

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