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Can someone run for 2 elected offices at the same time?

Guest KD

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Nothing in RONR prohibits someone from holding two offices. It's quite common, for example, in small organizations, for the same person to serve as both secretary and treasurer.


But you'll want to avoid electing the same person as both president and vice-president and, somewhat less problematic, president and secretary.


In any event. no matter how many hats he wears, he'll have only one vote.


And even if your rules prohibit the same person from holding more than office, that doesn't mean the same person can't be a candidate for more than one office.

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Not in RONR.  You may have a rule about it in your bylaws, but most don't.


RONR does say that if his name appears on one ballot for more than one office, he can't be elected to more than one on any one round of voting.  If elections are held for each office separately, this rule does not apply.

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