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Change Community owned Lot into a Memorial Park


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The first lot one sees when entering the community was taken back by a Board a few years ago. An old mobile home was removed.  It has set empty and ugly since that time.


An owner took it upon himself to clean up the lot over the past few months.  He arranged a successful fundraiser for grass and along with help from other owners has installed two horse shoe pits, sitting areas an open grass area for other outdoor activities and an area for a memorial brick garden.  


The Board said, fine, but when we sell it you have to remove everything, including the grass.


A petition was started and signed by the majority of owners, there are a total of 67 lots, presented to the Board at the last annual meeting. This petition stated the owners wished to keep the lot as an open community area (we have no other) and to not sell the property.  The president laid the petition aside saying there was too many other things to read it at this time.


My question is:  Is there not a difference in how a Board handles a petition rather than a proposal?   If so, how long can a Board set it aside before having to address the petition?


Thank you for your time

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