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Approval of Minutes

Guest JR

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Hi, I am on my HOA Board for the time and was elected President.  The previous Board was very cantankerous.  Split 3 on side and 2 on the other side.


The 3 that were on the same side did not run.  However, now the 3 have sent their additions to the minutes, but are not currently on the Board.  They were on the Board for the meeting that the minutes reflect.


Currently, there are only 2 Board members on the Board that were at that meeting.


Should all 5 Board members, including the new 3 members vote to approve the minutes?


How should the additions that the 3 previous members be handle, should the be included, should the additions be voted on?



PLEASE any advice will be greatly appreciated, I have only been at 2 meetings and I am ready to resign.


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Welcome to democracy!


Rather than resign, get (and read) a copy of RONRIB:

"Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief", Updated Second Edition (Da Capo Press, Perseus Books Group, 2011). It is a splendid summary of all the rules you will really need in all but the most exceptional situations. And only $7.50! You can read it in an evening. Get both RONRIB and RONR (scroll down) at this link. Or in your local bookstore.


Now to your questions...


All five, including the three new members, are the folks who will be approving (or amending and approving) the minutes. The three former members have no say in the matter.  Only members get to vote or act on business matters before the board; approving minutes is a business matter.


If any of the current members think the points made by the three former members have some merit, any of those current members are free to offer amendments to the draft minutes accordingly.  However, the decision as to whether or not to make the changes in the draft will be up to the current board, by majority vote.


Be sure you are not putting too much in the minutes.  Check page 468 (in the big book - RONR) or p. 147 in RONRIB for the only required content.  You may be having arguments over stuff that shouldn't be in minutes in the first place.

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