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minutes of previous meeting

Guest Linda J

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If there were statements made at a previous meeting that are not true....but the minutes from this meeting reflect that they were said, how does the statement get corrected?


Move to strike out all debate/comments/statements.......all things of that ilk, and all discussion summaries.  None of it belongs in the minutes.


See http://www.robertsrules.com/faq.html#15

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First, minutes should be a record of what was done at a meeting... not what was said.


If the minutes from that meeting have not yet been approved,  then when the minutes are up for approval, a member simply moves to correct the minutes by deleting the statement in its entirety.  Usually corrections are handled by unanimous consent, but if there is an objection, then whether to remove (or change) the statement is decided by majority vote.


Even if the minutes have already been corrected, they can sill be further corrected at another meeting by means of the motion to "amend or rescind something previously adopted".  Doing that is possible with a majority vote if previous notice is given.  If no previous notice was given, it takes a two thirds vote or the vote of a majority of the entire membership to adopt it.


However, once the minutes have been approved, many on here will argue that it is not possible to actually remove the objectionable statement from the minutes.  I'm not so sure that is the case where no previous action is being rescinded but the assembly is merely ordering that something that never should have been in the minutes to begin with should be removed.

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