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Creating a review panel

Guest Ian Brown

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If the constitution and bylaws list a protest, appeal and complaint committees for hearing same, can a "review panel" be set up without putting the issue to a vote of the entire board? The mentioned committees have a time line for start, information presentation and result. The review panel made recommendations and was later presented to the whole board for discussion and then to vote on to receive as information, vote to accept or make further recommendations, either to increase or decrease the proposed penalties in the recommendations.

The Review Panel was set up by the President, who also chaired the Panel. The panel consisted of only 5 members of a 16 member board.



Ian Brown

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I think the president (or any other member) is free to get a few members together and come up with a proposal that one of those members* then presents to the assembly. However I wouldn't give it a name (e.g. "review panel") as that suggests it has some sort of official status or authority (which it doesn't). And I wouldn't name a "chairman" (for the same reason).


*Edited at 9:30 AM to add: The "reporting member" shouldn't be the president.

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