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Resignation and withdrawal


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In our bylaws there is no specific provision for dealing with resignation of officers. Recently our president who was elected by board of trustees resigned stating that he is resigning from presidentship effective immediately due to family and personal issues. After 3 days he sent another email stating  he is taking back his resignation and wants to continue as president. My question is what is the procedure when a resignation is received ? Can he ( our president) take back his resignation letter by himself without board acting on it 

thanks in advance 


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9 hours ago, Guest said:

What if said President resigns at a meeting a few months before her end of term but a couple of months later decides she wants to come back and be President again before elections are held for new officers?

Before the elections?  Presumably there is already a new president, since the VP presumably became president upon acceptance of her resignation.

Does she expect to just waltz back in and become president again?   By what magic would this supposedly happen?

If she wants to be president she will have to be elected.

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