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Ending a recess earlier


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1 hour ago, Nathan Zook said:

Surely, this requires EVERYONE originally present at the meeting to be there?  Otherwise, the meeting is proceeding without notice to those who are relying on the agreed to time of the recess.

Well, first, I would note that this topic is over two years old. :)

In any event, however, I think I would disagree with Mr. Huynh on this point. If an assembly has set a recess for a certain time, I do not think it is proper for the assembly to resume prior to that time. If the assembly nonetheless does so, however, then it would seem that if everyone originally at the meeting is present, this would suggest there is no continuing breach.

If not everyone is present, there may be a continuing breach if business is conducted during the time between the time the recess ended and the time at which it should have ended, if the number of absent persons is such that it could have affected the result of any vote(s) taken during that time.

If the assembly desires greater flexibility in its recesses, it would be prudent to adopt a motion to recess "until the call of the chair" rather than for a specified amount of time.

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