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Missing Annual General Meeting Minutes

Guest acob54

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I attended an Annual General Meeting where the Minutes from the previous AGM were unavailable.  There was discussion about whether the AGM could continue.  The group decided to proceed anyway.  What is the correct action to take when this happens?  

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It was fine to proceed with the meeting but if the assembly is waiting a year to approve minutes, the proper thing to do is to avoid this issue in the future:

"When the next regular business session will not be held within a quarterly time interval (see pp. 89–90), and the session does not last longer than one day, or in an organization in which there will be a change or replacement of a portion of the membership, the executive board or a committee appointed for the purpose should be authorized to approve the minutes."  RONR (11th ed.), pp. 474-75.


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I agree with Mr. Mervosh that the meeting should authorize the board or appoint a committee to approve the minutes (in a more timely manner); that group then reports to the next meeting of members that the minutes were approved. The meeting can still correct the minutes if necessary.

However, there is still the question of last year's minutes. Were they (a) just not available at this meeting or (b) do they not exist at all?

If (a), then you should approve them at the next meeting of the members. If (b), then a group of you  ---  perhaps the board -- should put together a draft set of minutes based on whatever resources you have available (the agenda, notes people took, memories, etc) for approval at the next meeting.

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3 hours ago, Guest Student said:

If (a), then you should approve them at the next meeting of the members.

I would suggest that, in this situation, it would be desirable to authorize the board or a committee to approve the minutes. If it has already been a year, it seems highly undesirable to wait another year before approving the minutes.

Of course, it seems unlikely that the assembly did this, so I suppose they will really have to test their memories next year.

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