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Agenda order

Guest Cuibono

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If an "Order of Business" (that is the technical phrase for the headings of portions of a meeting - see page 25ff - while an "agenda", strictly speaking, is a list of business items to take up for consideration under those headings, mainly "General Orders" - see page 371) is adopted at the start of a meeting, the president should indeed stick to it. Changes require a 2/3 vote to amend something previously adopted.

There is no requirement that an agenda be adopted, or even prepared ahead of time., although the presiding officer should have some idea of what is going to come up - it will help him to look good and do a better job.

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3 hours ago, Guest Cuibono said:

Is the Chair of an organization required to go in order of the agenda as adopted or is it his prerogative to change the order?

The chair must take up items in the order prescribed by an adopted agenda unless the assembly directs him to do otherwise by a two-thirds vote (or by unanimous consent). He cannot do so on his own volition.

An adopted agenda can be amended by a two-thirds vote, a vote of a majority of the entire membership, or unanimous consent.


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