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Did the authors mean to do this?

Guest Zev

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I am looking at page 425 line 33 and it says in mixed case "Preferential Voting." The title before it (page 424) says "A VOTE BY MAIL," and the following title on page 428 says "PROXY VOTING." It seems as though a preferential vote may be conducted by mail or in person. I hate to be a nitpicker, but would it not be better to make "Preferential Voting" in all caps like the other two I mentioned? After all there is no other subject at the same level as "Preferential Voting" under "A VOTE BY MAIL, so why should it be an orphan? Can we "kick him up the ladder," so-to-speak?

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3 hours ago, Weldon Merritt said:

Unless I am missing something, it seems to me that you have a good point.

I agree. Although preferential voting might be most often used in mail voting, it can be and sometimes is used with in-person voting in order to avoid having to do repeat balloting.

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And the vagaries of voting need a lot more discussion in the cases with three or more choices/candidates, which is where preferential voting in its various forms (rank the candidates, then Condorcet or drop the last guy or keep only the top two or score the choices with a Borda Count, &c) is appropriate.


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